Q: How much does a website cost? A: Anywhere between £200 and £200,000 depending on your needs, approach and agency.

So many factors determine the time and cost of a website project, most agencies won't give you an idea of price without speaking to you first.

You might want a "sign-up form" on your site. But one that just captures e-mail addresses, or names too? Or full company details and answers to a series of multiple choice questions? Are the answers e-mailed to you, or logged in a database, or both? Or fed through to a third-party mailing list service? Does the form have required fields, and check to make sure phone numbers and postcodes are formatted correctly? Is it secure against hackers? Is online payment involved? Is it to look simple, or slick and user-friendly? Will you amend it regularly? How much testing is needed?

The work involved in a single "sign-up form" might range from half an hour to several days; so you can see how the cost of a whole website design and build process can vary enormously.

The kind of projects we usually undertake have budgets between £5,000 and £20,000 + VAT for the design and build, plus a budget for ongoing support and maintenance. Ongoing hosting, support and maintenance packages range from £30 to £250 + VAT / month.

If you're on a tight budget, we can still discuss your needs and point you to a good solution, or recommend someone to help.