Resource gathering

Step 2: collecting the text, images, data and files.

We don't expect you to have every paragraph and photo set in stone before we start building your site. But the more 'real' content we can get at the beginning, the better a job our designer can do, and the fewer surprises there will be along the way.


We explain how text is best formatted to supply to us; you give us as much as you can for the homepage, key landing pages and a handful of subsidiary pages, plus straplines, pull quotes, captions or other elements to be used across the site. We can also give suggestions at an early stage on suitable web copy guidelines.


We agree the formatting of any structured data (e.g alumni records, staff profiles, or store products) so it can be imported into your website database.


You may have your own image resources, or we can work together to source them from online libraries or photographers.


We discuss appropriate formatting for files, how to name them and how to get them to us.

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