Step 1: agreeing what will we be done when, and by whom.

We don't believe (or enjoy) preparing bulky documentation for its own sake. But we do know the value of assembling a clear list of the tasks that make up a project - so that both sides are agreed are there are no misunderstandings later. The planning stage includes:

  1. Collating any existing documents: any written brief from you, our standard questionnaire and an audit of your old site.
  2. A kick-off meeting to fill in holes and ensure we understand your requirements.
  3. A definition of your target users and what you want them to get out of visiting your site.
  4. A hierarchical sitemap listing the pages on your site, with brief notes on the layout, content and functionality of each.
  5. A Cost Agreement itemizing the work requested and the time involved in each.
  6. Access to and explanation of Basecamp, our project management tool of choice.
  7. Setting up checklists of project tasks so you can monitor our progress.
  8. Setting of proposed milestone dates leading to the site launch.

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