Quality assurance

Step 8: testing, proofreading and final polishing.

This is our time: once all content is signed-off and all changes from your end are complete, we reserve at least a week to test and polish the site prior to launch. This includes:

  • reviewing the original Cost Agreement and ensuring we have met every request;
  • testing functionality throughout the site, and using any agreed third-party testing companies;
  • testing the site layout on all major browsers and platforms, and ensuring the code meets legal, accessibility and usability criteria;
  • evaluating the content for its pickup by search engines;
  • proofreading copy for typos, grammar and spelling errors, or appropriate length and tone;
  • cleaning of code, removing any developer comments, organising and labelling code blocks and ensuring that future maintenance will be easy.

It's in our interests as much as yours to ensure our latest work is launched only after a thorough quality review.

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